Our family will be in Uganda until June 20th. We are leaving our
shop open so you can still order but orders placed after May 20th
will not ship until the week of June 20th.
Thank you for patience!

A note from Sarah (aka Dawn's right hand)

If you have been following our page in the last few years, you may have seen a change in the jewelry being made.  Like anyone creative can attest, an evolution in your craft occurs and hopefully yields more depth in the final product.  This is most definitely the case with our new REdeemed collection.  Dawn began creating jewelry pieces because of the mutual love she and her grandmother had for shiny things!  Did you know that her grandmother also owned an antique business called "Oldies but Goodies"?  What better way to honor someone you love then create beautiful jewelry pieces from antiques? That is what Dawn is doing with various silverware, leather belts and keys. 

We think our jewelry has changed for the better.  For example, our hand stamped items were previously made with new metal pieces.  Now Dawn cuts each disc from silver spoons to create our new mother's necklace. It is the same idea as the old one but a deeper meaning of redemption attached. Each disc is a new creation that has been fashioned by its creator. 

You will also see that many of our items still reflect a love for Uganda and a partnership with Women of Destiny.  We incorporate paper beads into almost every design you will purchase.  Paper beads fit nicely into the REdeeemed collection because each bead is rolled from old calendars, political posters and just about any discarded paper the women can find.  No two beads will be alike either!

Funky Fish is headed into our busy season of the year!  We are incredibly grateful for each of our customers and want to ensure all items are accounted for in a timely manner.  In the last few months, most of our sales have come from social media.  We are beyond excited for the enthusiasm each new design receives but our new method will hopefully give everyone a chance to purchase with more ease.  No more scrolling through posts to try and find that one jewelry piece you wanted.  Each Friday, we will fill our Etsy shop with weekly designs in limited or one of a kind quantities.  A preview of the items will be given through the week so make sure and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!  And don't forget to check out our monthly featured fundraiser that will benefit various non-profits by giving them a portion of our sales!

Slowly we will begin to phase out every item that isn't upcycled in nature.  If there is something you've been eyeing, now is the time to snatch it up!


Our featured fundraiser for October benefits
Austin Angels!  Please check it out and make a purchase that will bless kids right here in Austin.

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